Saturday, February 23, 2013

Before you walk out of your office for the evening, turn around and look at it.  Really look at it.  Not like you’ll see it in the morning, but like other people will see it.

There are people who will not open their door when company comes.  Why?  It is because the knock on the door forces them to see what the person at the door will see when they open it.  Don’t they see it all the time?  No.  They sort of see it.  They see it sometimes.  But for the most part, they overlook it.  They are busy dealing with the everyday activities of life — and after awhile don’t really “see” it.

The solution is to work on your clutter in small chunks, and not allow it to “grow”  back (because it will).

On day one, start with a manageable amount of straightening up.  On day two, work at your organizing  during your allotted time period,  minus 5 minutes.  Take that 5 minutes to be sure that what you did yesterday is still done.  On day 3, same thing.  Work on your organizing until the last 5 minutes.  Use the last 5 minutes to make sure that your previous days work hasn't come undone. Repeat.

Continue in this pattern until all the work is done.  But never stop taking the last 5 minutes to notice.  If you continue in this way it may take awhile to correct it, but once corrected, the problem will go away... 5 minutes a day.


Use the last 5 minutes of your workday to straighten up.  This will allow it to look nice when you walk back in the next day.

Have a terrific day!

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