Friday, February 8, 2013

Question - I have too many shoes, but I love them all and I don't want to get rid of any.  What should I do?

Answer - If you love all of your shoes, why do you need to get rid of any?  If you don't have enough space for your shoes, but you truly love them all, then you need to  create space.  Your shoes are somewhere now; they might just be in the wrong place.  All you have to do is gather them all together and create an organized place for them.

Organizing is about making decisions, establishing priorities, and then living within your priorities.  If keeping all of your shoes is a priority, then keep them.

If it's really not a priority, then take the time to go through your shoes and make some decisions about which ones you want to keep.  Make an arbitrary decision about how many shoes you should keep.  Then look for shoes you can donate that exceed that number.

Here are some criteria to weed out your shoes (or anything that you feel you have in excess):

Do I wear them?
Will I ever wear them again?
Are  they comfortable?
Do I like them?
Do they look good on me?
Are they in good repair?
Do they look good, period?
How many of these (same color or style) do I have already?
If I didn't have this what would I do?  Go buy more?  Or wear something else that may be just as good?


Make an arbitrary decision about how many pairs of shoes you want to keep.
Put that number in the correct place for your shoes.
Evaluate the excess (if any) using the above criteria.

There is no law or rule that says how many pairs of shoes you should have. That amount is up to you.  In my mind the problem is not the amount of shoes, the problem is that we have not made a decision about how many pairs of shoes you should keep.  Once you make the decision, the rest becomes a matter of doing what's necessary.

Have a terrific day!

Marsha Sims

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