Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do you think you have a problem letting go of things?

It's true that some people have more difficulty letting go than others, and holding on to everything can become a real problem.  

Remember that clutter simply represents postponed decisions.  Here are some suggestions to help you let go of things:

1) Think of a population you would like to help, for example - veterans and their families, women in distress, people in your faith, etc... then when you are having trouble letting something go, think about how much your item(s) will help them.  

2) If you are saving things because you paid for them in the past, or got them at a bargain, or got them as a gift, remember that you are paying for storage for things you don't use, because you pay per square foot for your home.  How many square feet are you paying for to store things?   

3) If you are saving things because of memories, take a picture of the memory and let the item go.  

4) If you are saving things because you can't let them go in the moment, box them away and select a date to go through them in the future when you may be less attached to them.  

5) Volunteer to help someone who hoards.  Our brand new book, "5 Days to a Clutter-Free House"  describes ways to do this.  Helping someone else is a great way to snap you into reality, and help you look at your things more objectively.  

6) Volunteer to help someone clean out after a loved one has died.  Watching someone painfully trash years of someone else's "treasures" will also give you a different perspective.


Evaluate why you think you are holding on to things.  Make a plan to do one of the above, and take action. I hope you will allow your possessions to help someone in need.

Have a terrific day!

Marsha Sims

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