Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“Keep only that which you know to be useful or beautiful.” 

Don’t clutter your desk and work area with items that are just things.  Everything on your desk should have a reason for being there.  The ideal desk is a clear desk.  Aim for this.

You may decide you have to have a telephone on your desk.  You may decide you want to have an in-box on your desk.  One family picture or a pencil holder may be OK.  More than that, and it starts to look like junk to people who don’t have an appreciation for each item.

If you must keep extra things near you - family pictures, trinkets, souveniers, and reminders — keep them on a shelf, a credenza, or a windowsill.  I have seen beautiful displays take up one shelf of a bookshelf, leaving the work area clear for work.

If you have so many "trinkets" that you can’t fit them all on one shelf,   consider rotating them.  Box the excess items and put them away for awhile.  Every other month, rotate your treasures. 

They will always look new, they will always be appreciated, and you will enjoy them even more when you can see everything.

Try to keep your desk clear.  It is suppose to be a work area, not a storage area.


Get things you seldom use out of your way, but still keep them within easy reach.

Have a terrific day!

Marsha Sims

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