Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What does your ideal day look like?

Have you stopped and thought about what an ideal day looks like for you? Or are you so busy that you haven't spent the time to think about it?  Well... stop and think about it.  Here's why.

In order to have an ideal day, you have to know what it looks like.  Would you spend it with your children?  Would you go for a walk?  Would you read?  Write?  Go shopping?

If you don't know what an ideal day looks like, how will you know if you have one?  And even more, how can you duplicate it?

When I ask the people in my classes to describe their ideal day I get responses from, "I don't know," to "my days are inconsistent," to "I never have time to think about me."  Well, let's change that right now.


, list out a few elements that you would like to add to your day. Think about it like this... what would make you feel good if you could place it in your day? Meals with your family?  On time meals? Time to exercise?  Time to spend with my friends, or my significant other?  Make a list.

Second, what are some things you would take out of your day?  Waiting in line?  Grocery shopping?  Email?  Homework?

Third, make up a make-believe day.  Just play-pretend that you could have a wonderful day with none of the bad things, and two of the good things.

Fourth, how can you squeeze something you want to do in your day?  Can you get up 15 minutes earlier to read?  Can you write during your lunch break?  Can you sign up for an exercise class in the evening?

Fifth, how can you avoid doing something you don't want to do.  Can you hire a service to handle some things for you, perhaps pick up and deliver your laundry?  Can you swap chores with someone?

Last, try making one small change.  Be consistent.  If that works, make one more... then one more... then one more.  Soon, your days will become more like you want and less the way you don't.  Eventually, your days will all be ideal days.

Have a terrific day!

Marsha Sims

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