Monday, January 14, 2013

Is it realistic to touch every piece of paper only once? For most people, the answer is NO!

But you also shouldn't have to continually shuffle the same piece of paper over and over again, either.  So what’s the solution?

Try setting up temporary files for the papers you need at your fingertips.  You can set up temporary categories such as “to write” “to do” “to file,” etc.  Simply look at your major categories (determined by the piles on your desk) and make temporary files for each group of papers.
Then for your active projects, label a hanging folder with the name of the project, or action that needs to be done:
“project about xxxxx, due on xxxxx”
“write letter to xxxxxxx”
“give papers to xxxxxxxxxx”

Set up these files near you in your desk file drawer or in a file crate right next to, or right under your desk.  These will become your action / project files.
They will provide a home for all of the papers that would normally get piled on your desk.  Then when the new papers come in, either put them in the existing file folder with other papers like them, or make a new label and put the new category in a file folder.

You will feel wonderful when you get ready to work on a project and all of the associated papers are together.

Set up your temporary action files.  Put urgent to-do's in the front, and all other to-do's after the urgent ones.
Use an action folders instead of piles. Keep them near you so you can use them easily.

Questions?  Send me an email.

Have a terrific day!

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