Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Learn which products help you stay organized - and which ones just get in your way.

Often, I go into offices which are cluttered with too many desk gadgets.  Trays, cups, file holders of every description, shape, size and color, matching staplers and scotch tape holders, etc.

“But it might come in handy,” is the common reaction when I suggest to people that many of these items should be given away.

It is true that all of these desk items are made to be used, but it is not true that they might come in handy. 

Decide on a style (vertical file folder holders, or horizontal paper holders), and a color (smoke, black, maroon), and stick to that. Let your working style and your decor make the decision for you.  Don’t try to mix colors and styles and trays and holders just because you have them. 

The most unattractive (and least efficient) thing you can do to your desk is to to have 15 different places to put papers.  To have papers laying in trays, sprouting out of file trays, and hiding in vertical cubes is inefficient.   Make a decision about where your active, in progress files go.  Make a decision about where your out-box will sit, and where you want to place papers (and mail) put that is coming in.  Coordinate the flow of work, and coordinate the look.

Make your work area attractive, and you’ll be motivated to keep it clutter free.

Look at your office carefully, and make a note of what looks unattractive.  Then, one surface at a time, remove or change that which looks messy, and upgrade and neaten it.  Soon your office will look beautiful.

Remember... don't over-do it.  Keep your work area attractive!  It's not hard; you can do it!

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