Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding humor.

Procrastination 1
Organizing doesn't have to be depressing.  We make it that way.  We attribute much more emotion to our lack of organization that we should.

Sandra Felton,The Organizer Lady (R) says,  "The difference between organized people and those who are not organized, is that organized people just do what they have to do, and dis-organized people have to FEEL like doing it first.

That means, we attribute unnecessary emotions to rote activites.

Taking out the trash does not require an emotion.  It does, however, require an action.  If you have to feeeel like taking out the trash before you can do it, or if you have to feeeel like hanging up your clothes before you can do it, you are attributing unnecessary emotions to tasks that just need to be done.  

The emotion of not feeeeeling like it is unnecessary, and causes problems.


When you find yourself having to "feel like" doing a necessary chore, stop and reflect.  
Think.  Is this emotion serving me? 
Stop. Do the activity any way.  Just do it.
The only way to stop getting held back by unnecessary emotions is to practice acting in spite of them.

Have a terrific day!

Marsha Sims

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