Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Income at HomeIn an ideal world, you should put your home office in a low traffic area.  You should set certain office hours and stick to it.  You should not bring your work into your living area, and you should not bring things from other parts of the house into your work area.  That’s the ideal.

In the real world, sometimes that is simply not possible.  But, there are some real-world suggestions that you should adhere to in order to make your home-office experience more workable.

1. Establish a place for everything, and put everything in it’s place.

2. Establish an area for each activity, and perform every activity in it’s area.

3. Store things at or near the point where they are going to be used.

4. Label everything.  Especially boxes and file folders.

5. Use one calendar for your work-life and your life-life. 

6. Keep your home area and your work area separate, if possible.  If it is not possible, try to have certain 
    hours for work.

7. If your children use your home office area as a homework area, have a special place for their supplies

8. Don’t let your children answer your business phone.

When you set up your home office, take traffic patterns into consideration.  Be flexible.  Remember why you are working at home, and make the best of it.

 Have a terrific day!

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