Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clutter is a mindset.  You can be clutter-free!

Why do we keep so much "stuff"?  Why is it that, in the moment, we just can't let it go?  And when the moment passes and it's no longer top-of-mind, we move on to other things and forget about it... but when we see it again, we suddenly need it all over again?  How is it that these things, sometimes hundreds... sometimes thousands of things, come in, encroach on, and destroy our lives?

This daily blog is for you if you have too much stuff.  And that is something that is defined solely by you.  If you have a pile that distresses you, or rooms you can't enter...it matters not.  What matters is that you have clutter that you want to eliminate.

I will share in this blog techniques that I have learned in the past 21 years of working hands-on with wonderful people who just can't let clutter go.  You will hear their stories, empathize with their questions, and walk the journey with me as I guide them (and you) to a solution.

Today is the best day to get started!  It's January 1, 2013.  I am committed to being here for you every day.  I hope you will come along for the ride.

Since today is the first day... here is the first tip:

Look at your clutter area(s).  Really, just look.  Don't do what you usually do, which is to glance at that pile or those boxes, feel an emotional reaction, then stop looking and try to wish they weren't there.  Today... really look.  You can't fix a problem that you don't acknowledge.  I want you to look until it makes you sick... or makes you cry... or makes you laugh... I want you to look and see if you can identify things in the piles... and I don't want you to do anything.  Just look.

Looking just might inspire you.  It might inspire you to write, or plan.  It might just make you want to run.  But you can't tackle a problem that you won't even look at.  So, just look.

Starting tomorrow I will give you things to actually do.  But today, the first day of the year, I want you to look and acknowledge. This will give you the strength to start... tomorrow.

For today, get some rest, have some fun, think about what a clutter-free future will feel like (if you dare), call someone who loves you.

Happy new year!


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  1. Thank you for creating this blog, Marsha! I can't wait to go on this journey to a more organized, fulfilling life!